Platypus Initiative | PlatypusCon^H^H^HCamp 2017


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 _|_|_|    _|    _|_|_|      _|_|    _|_|_|  _|_|_|      _|_|_|  _|_|_|        
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 _|  _|    _|  _|    _|      _|  _|    _|    _|      _|    _|  _|    _|        
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PLATYPUSCON^H^H^HCAMP 2017 IS OVER, GREAT SUCCESS. Thankyou all for making this community what it is, special thanks to our workshop hosts and volunteers as always. You all rock <3<3<3

PlatypusCon^H^H^HCamp 2017

The Platypus Initiative is happy to announce that PlatypusCon^H^H^HCamp is on once more, on the 22nd-24th September (no, you don’t have to camp). We’re working on lining up another epic day of our signature hands-on conference-style events and an epic night of festivities.

Grab your »tickets HERE«

6.30pm Friday 22nd of September - 17:00pm Sunday 24th September 2017
Nerding out besides a campfire from 6:30pm Friday 22nd September
Official welcome at 10:00am Saturday 23rd September
Lagoon midday party at 13:00pm Saturday 23rd September
Effigy end of the world at 8:30pm Saturday 23rd September


Time ~campfire~ nerding out
18:30 onwards - Cantenna fun by faz
- Blinkenlights by andrew bolin
- VJ'ing by disaster girl
- Campfire EL wire wearables
- Make the effigy bigger by gavia
- DJ by skooch


Time Workshop A Workshop B SDR Drone ~chillout~
09:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-10:15 Welcome
10:20-11:35 Mousejack by snail + max Android by dave j + mike g Foxhunt
by pamoshea, nullwolf + faz
Badge by idont, NFC by chris + CTF
11:45-13:00 Mousejack by snail + max Racing
13:00-14:20 LAGOON SIZZLE
14:20-15:30 Lock bypass by topy + klepas Jamming by lin_s (cont) Foxhunt
by pamoshea, nullwolf + faz
Racing (cont) Badge by idont, NFC by chris + CTF
15:40-16:50 Lock bypass by topy + klepas
17:00-17:45 FIREBALL TALKS
17.45-18.00 Closing
18.30-20.30 Dinner
+ Projections by john carolan
+ DJ/VJ by wolf stansson and disaster girl
20.30 Effigy by gavia
+ DJ by skooch


Time Info Area Chillout Area
09:00-17:00 Privesc by sagi Electronic music by wolf stansson

Refer to the »campground sitemap here« for details about the workshop areas

$99.99 (whether you’re camping or not)
Tickets can be purchased »HERE«
Merchandise available for pre-order only on EventBrite: $30 shirt, $60 hoodie
If you require complimentary platypus party bus shuttle services (for non-campers), book your seat on EventBrite with your ticket
Ticket does not include $8 fee per day for vehicles (pay via the campground’s parking machines on the day)
Bents Basin Campground (1 hour west of Sydney CBD)
525 Wolstenholme Ave, Greendale NSW 2745
Party bus services will be available to and from the venue on Saturday only for non-campers (book your seat on EventBrite)


Android Apps Penetration Testing (2.5hr)
By David Jorm + Mike Gianarakis
This workshop is designed to take those unfamiliar with Android to the point where they are equipped to perform basic penetration tests on Android applications of all kinds. It will cover:
  • Structure of Android applications
  • Decompilation and source code analysis
  • Sandbox and permissions model
  • Data storage and associated vulnerabilities
  • Logging
  • Intercepting and analysing network communications
  • A simple CTF challenge
David & Michael manage the Trustwave SpiderLabs team across Asia-Pacific, and enjoy hacking mobile apps and embedded devices. Strong preference for flat ducks.
Attendee requirements: basic knowledge of Linux and Java is presumed. A laptop with appropriate tools installed beforehand is required
Badge Soldering (Whole Day - Come and Go @ Chillout Area)
By idont
idont: cyber-something
Blinkenlights (Friday Night - Come and Go @ Chillout Area)
By andrew bolin
DIY animated LED decorations, custom designed for the camp. Choose your colour from Green (for first time solderers), Yellow (second-timers?), or Red (if you like moving grains of rice with tweezers). Being a tech camp, of course there’ll be an easter egg in the code =]
Andrew learned to solder before learning to write and has been tinkering with electronics ever since, with hobbies include building psychedelic LED circuits and collecting Raspberry Pis. His day job is building embedded systems to keep lithium batteries happy.
Blue Team Jamming (2hr - Come and Go)
By lin_s
Drone Racing (3/4 Day - Come and Go @ Drone Village)
By damion
Enviro Projection Mapping (Saturday night)
By john carolan
Environmental projection mapping on trees and other surfaces
Ask me questions =]
Locks and Bypass 102 (1hr)
By topy + klepas
Learn about standard lock picking and then learn a couple of simple bypass techniques so that you don’t even need to know how to pick
Topy has run Lockpicking at several Australian conferences. Living in a warehouse dubbed “the Hack House” he disappears for days at a time lost amongst piles of computers, cables and locks. Topy has lived and breathed the security industry for the past 15 years and loved it all
Mouse - hijacking, arduinos and burning my hands - jack (1hr)
By snail + max
Sometimes you just get bored and want to mildly annoy random strangers by shaking their wireless mouse and typing “LOL HACKED!”. The second part of with this workshop will then help you build your own with an Arduino (or burn your hand with solder, whichever is more fun) before you get bored and have a beer at the Chillout Area.
There is one official workshop on mousejack but the toys will be available all day for you to come and play with at the Chillout Area (with a beer)
snail is slimy and slow
NFC tags, and why you shouldn’t put one in your hand (Whole Day - Come and Go @ Chillout Area)
By Chris “THIS IS A FAKE NAME” Hansen
If you’re actually interested in reasons not to put one in your hand, I’m the wrong person to ask. I got really drunk and convinced a stressed out family member to inject it into my hand at 2AM. This workshop will however cover things like “Don’t let @snail order NFC tags for you” and “Why can’t you use a proxmark on OS X?“. Drop in, drop out, drop a 0day. Or don’t. I’m a bio, not a cop.
SDR Foxhunting Funtimes Outside! (Whole Day - Come and Go @ SDR village)
By pamoshea, nullwolf + faz
This workshop forces you to take a walk and practice foxhunting for a number of signals around Platypus Camp.
If you are new to SDR don’t worry, come along with a laptop and we will have some bootable USBs and RTLSDR dongles you can borrow on the day.
For wifi fun, please bring a can and an Alfa card.
All other signals (excluding wifi) will be around 433Mhz, feel free to bring any directional antennae you have for this frequency. For example, a tape measure antenna
If you have any portable radios e.g. handheld Baofeng, bring these too as they can be handy for finding signals.
If you have worked with SDR before, nullwolf has prepared a reverse engineering challenge for you. You may also want to team up with a lock picker for one of the challenges too!
In summary, there should be a challenge for everyone - see you there!
Pamela O’Shea (@pamoshea): Pamela is a pentester from Melbourne. She is an organiser of the Melbourne Software Defined Radio Group and follows the prime directive.
nulwolf: Penetration Tester and Security Researcher. Obsessions: Physical security, social engineering, brewing beer, playing with fire, and software defined radio.
faz: Cybersecurity practice owner & lecturer who occasionally turns up to platypus events to just hack shit
Windows Local Privilege Escalation (Whole day @ Info Desk Area)
By sagi
This workshop will cover all (currently) known attack vectors of local user privilege escalation on the Windows operating system
Attendee requirements: administrative access to a laptop with the ability to install tools, disable firewalls or virus scanners, and a player to run VirtualBox/VMWare images.
Sagi has worked in penetration testing for 6+ years. During his career Sagi has achieved various highly-regarded technical certifications (OSCP, OSCE, CREST CCT (App), GXPN). Sagi’s passion is mainly focused around security training and education in which he presented, developed, and contributed several hacking challenges (CTFs) to security conferences and the global information security community.
VJ’ing (1hr)
By disaster girl
VJ’ing a mix of video and generative graphics onto trees and tents
A walkthrough on the history of VJ’ing, what VJ’ing is today, and how to VJ - including rundown on various tools and processes
You can test your VJ skills on Friday and Saturday night


Friday Night
By skooch
Saturday Night
Industrial Dark Techno DJ set by Wolf Stansson + Disaster Girl VJ’ing
Rockin’ out by skooch
Sunday Day
Improvised electronic music by Wolf Stansson
Friday Dinner
Burgers (with beef, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, beetroot and sauce)
Saturday Breakfast
Bacon and egg rolls
Croissants with jam or nutella
Saturday Lunch
Sausage rolls (with onions and sauce)
Saturday Dinner
Burritos (with beef, beans, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, spices and sauce)
Sunday Breakfast
Bacon and egg rolls


How do I get there?
By car: enter the Bents Basin campground entrance from Wolstenholme Ave and follow the signs to the campground
By the platypus party bus:
  • Picking up from Central station, Bay 14 @ Eddy Avenue: 8:30am Saturday 23/09/2017
  • Returning from campgrounds: 10:00pm Saturday 23/09/2017 back to Central station
  • Book your party bus seat on Eventbrite with your ticket
  • Don’t be late! If you miss the party bus, you’ll need to sort your own transportation
Do I have to camp?
No, you can be lame and just come Saturday
What are the accommodation options?
In your own provided tent (Yes, Kmart tents are fine)
In our $50 tent package, which includes a tent + sleeping mat + sleeping bag (but BYO pillow). Pickup your package when you arrive. Order your package from Eventbrite
Feel free to hire a glamping company to setup your tent
In your car or whatever vehicle you came in
In the next town 15 mins away (Wallacia NSW), or whatever town that has a place you prefer to sleep in
Where can I put up my tent?
On any patch of grass
Excluding areas next to the marquees / workshop area
Refer to the »campground sitemap here«
What facilities does the campground provide?
Hot showers with power points
Flushing toilets
Drinking water
Kitchen with fridge, stove, sink, power points
BBQ facilities: both wood and electric BBQ (you can purchase firewood from the campground office)
Pre-built fire pits
What infrastructure will platypus provide?
Power at the workshop / marquee areas (there will be no power near your tent)
Internet (Telstra mainly)
Basic bar for purchase
Basic food for purchase
What do I need to bring?
Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillow) or sleep in your car
Food, water, cooking equipment and utensils to survive 2 nights camping
Other things that may be useful to bring:
Usual toiletries
Usual toys e.g. SDR equipment, drones
Torches, preferably head torches
Picnic chairs
Insect repellant
Rubbish bags
Esky + ice
Nerf guns
Swimmers (there’s a lagoon!)
Paddling or fishing equipment
What vehicle can you bring?
Cars, motorhomes, caravan, camper trailers, campervans
Where can I park?
Immediately next to your tent, trailer or caravan (that means yes, you can park on the grass)
Marked parking spaces
Cost: $8 per day to be be paid separately via the campground’s parking machines
What’s the closest nearby town?
Wallacia NSW, 15mins away: provides infrastructure such as ATMs, petrol stations, supermarkets
What’s the closest train station?
Leppington NSW, 20mins away
We may be able to provide limited assistance with transport to the campsite from Leppington station. If you need help getting there, please ask on Slack if you have access - otherwise, we recommend Uber, or a taxi.
Where can I store my valuables?
Lock it in your car or carry it with you
Ask a staff to store your valuables in their cars
Can my kids come?
Yes, all your kids (under 16) can come free =] but if they want to receive badges and other swag, a $50 kid ticket should be purchased. Enquire within for the EventBrite code to purchase a kid ticket
Can I leave the camp and come back (i.e. to get supplies)?
Yes, just keep your lanyards with you at all times as proof of entry
What’s the wet weather plan?
We’ll still go ahead
Unless it’s some torrential weather, follow @platypuspartay for alternative wet weather plans