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We are a Sydney-based, community-driven initiative that takes a hands-on approach in doing cool security stuff: we’re less about debating the merits of the latest iteration of the PCI-PTS or whether a particular vulnerability should have a CVSS score of 6.75 or 6.77, and more about bringing together like-minded people to share ideas, work on cool information security projects and participate in community events together. Think of it as a casual infosec fight club of sorts: the only real rule is that you have to play.

Platypus Initiative

If you’re interested in information security, and willing to spend time and effort actually contributing to cool security projects, whether it be through helping organise venues and content for events, by participating in community events like CTFs or even via code commits (especially via code commits!): let’s talk =]


HardWare CTF (Via SnailMail)

hwctf is a distributed hardware security group, influenced by similar initiatives such as the Boldport Club, or Riscure’s RHME CTF event. It works like this: you sign up to this, and we send you little hardware security and reverse-engineering challenges to work on, either alone, or together with others. It’s that simple. Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience with hardware: truth be told, neither do we, but there’s no better way to learn than to work on hands-on scenarios!

How much does it cost?
This costs $30 every 6 months, via PayPal. This is primarily to recover some of the cost of materials and shipping, which very quickly stacks up.
How do I sign up?
Register here
Provide an email address we can contact you on
Provide a postal address we can send you things on
$30 AUD via PayPal

Registrations for the first hardware challenge will be open until December 1 (AEST) - we aim to have the first challenge to you in time for the new year.

If you’re not comfortable giving us your actual mailing address, we recommend using an Australia Post Parcel Locker.

PlatypusCon 2018

Stay tuned for PlatypusCon 2018 in late September, much excite!

Community Events

As a group, we frequent many of the community events around Sydney. You’ll generally find us at events like:

Our semi-regular Platypus events gives us the opportunity to do tons of cool security shit like:

We get together to talk about new technology ideas, similar to a university-style “lab” session.
Software analysis and vulnerability discovery
We share the joy of controlling $PC together.
Pick & hack locks
We pick, dismantle, modify and perform forensics on locks both mechanical & digital.
Competing, learning and failing in Capture the Flag competitions together, working as a team to strengthen our technical skills.

… and sooo much more.


The Platypus Initiative is proud to announce our flagship product, available from only $15.99 per user, per month - your keystrokes are safe with us - the Platypus Enterprise Cloud Keystroke Backup Engine (video)


If you missed out on our swag, we still have some left.


Want to support us? Or just bug us with questions? We’re reachable on Or find us on twitter.